\\ One Rollup, any VM

MultiVM is a Layer 2 zk-rollup designed for multi-language smart contract development.

It offers rapid performance and ensures secure communication through Cross-VM calls, essentially allowing every VM to operate on a singular, unified Ethereum Rollup.

ZK Ethereum VM
ZK Rust VM
ZK Solana VM
Polka VM
Multi VM

\\ Why MultiVM?

CEOsImplement MultiVM to bolster KPIs and capitalize on new market opportunities.

Product OwnersUtilize MultiVM for swift development and migration of enhanced dApps from Non-EVM to Ethereum.

Developers Harness the power of MultiVM to tackle distinctive challenges and expedite code deployment.

Engineers Rely on MultiVM to ensure consistent scalability and top-tier performance.


  sharedLiquidity: true,

  scalability: "high",

  compatibility: ["multi-language"],

  rollupType: "ZK-rollup",

  baseChain: "Ethereum",

  interoperability: "Cross-VM calls",

  upgradability: "dynamic",

  securityIsolation: "compartmentalized"


\\ Aiming to lead the Market


  MVP: {

    coreFunctionality: ["transactions", "blocks", "consensus", "gasCalculations"],

    sequencer: "introduced",

    executionLayer: "developed",

    JSON_RPC_client: "integrated",

    crossVMCalls: "implemented"


  Q1_2024: {

    ethL1Proofs: "integrated",

    zkBridge: "introduced",

    verifier: "deployed"


  Q2_2024: {

    zkOptimizations: "enhanced",

    crossVMCallOptimizations: "improved",

    batchTransactions: "introduced",

    devnet: "released",

    metamaskSupport: "rolled_out",

    explorer: "deployed",

    SDK: "released"


  Q3_2024: {

    incentivizedTestnet: "launched"


  Q4_2024: {

    mainnet: "launched"



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